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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2007Comparative proteomics analysis of differentially expressed proteins in chickpea extracellular matrix during dehydration stressBhushan, Deepti; Pandey, Aarti; Choudhary, Mani Kant; Datta, Asis; Chakraborty, Subhra; Chakraborty, Niranjan
2010PROTEIN L-ISOASPARTYL METHYLTRANSFERASE1 (CaPIMT1) from chickpea mitigates oxidative stress-induced growth inhibition of Escherichia coliVerma, Pooja; Singh, Ajeet; Kaur, Harmeet; Majee, Manoj
2011Gene discovery and tissue-specific transcriptome analysis in chickpea with massively parallel pyrosequencing and web resource developmentGarg, Rohini; Patel, Ravi K.; Jhanwar, Shalu; Priya, Pushp; Bhattacharjee, Annapurna; Yadav, Gitanjali; Bhatia, Sabhyata; Chattopadhyay, Debasis; Tyagi, Akhilesh K.; Jain, Mukesh
2011Characterization of the secretome of chickpea suspension culture reveals pathway abundance and the expected and unexpected secreted proteinsGupta, Sonika; Wardhan, Vijay; Verma, Shikha; Gayali, Saurabh; Rajamani, Uma; Datta, Asis; Chakraborty, Subhra; Chakraborty, Niranjan
2012High-Throughput SNP discovery and genotyping for constructing a saturated linkage map of Chickpea (Cicer arietinum L.)Gaur, Rashmi; Azam, Sarwar; Jeena, Ganga; Khan, Aamir Waseem; Choudhary, Shalu; Jain, Mukesh; Yadav, Gitanjali; Tyagi, Akhilesh K.; Chattopadhyay, Debasis; Bhatia, Sabhyata
2012Comparative analysis of kabuli chickpea transcriptome with desi and wild chickpea provides a rich resource for development of functional markersAgarwal, Gaurav; Jhanwar, Shalu; Priya, Pushp; Singh, Vikash K.; Saxena, Maneesha S.; Parida, Swarup K.; Garg, Rohini; Tyagi, Akhilesh K.; Jain, Mukesh
2012A highly efficient Agrobacterium mediated transformation system of chickpea wilt pathogen Fusarium oxysporum f. sp. ciceri using DsRed-Express to follow root colonizationIslam, Md. Nazrul; Nizam, Shadab; Verma, Praveen K.
2013PROTEIN L- ISOASPARTYL METHYLTRANSFERASE2 gene is differentially expressed in chickpea and enhances seed vigor and longevity by reducing abnormal isoaspartyl accumulation predominantly in seed nuclear proteinsVerma, Pooja; Kaur, Harmeet; Petla, Bhanu Prakash; Rao, Venkateswara; Saxena, Saurabh C.; Majee, Manoj
2013A global view of transcriptome dynamics during flower development in chickpea by deep sequencingSingh, Vikash K.; Garg, Rohini; Jain, Mukesh
2014An integrated genomic approach for rapid delineation of candidate genes regulating agro-morphological traits in chickpeaSaxena, Maneesha S.; Bajaj, Deepak; Das, Shouvik; Kujur, Alice; Kumar, Vinod; Singh, Mohar; Bansal, Kailash C.; Tyagi, Akhilesh K.; Parida, Swarup K.